While this is, of course, cause for alarm, do not despair. Coyotes have already been known to inhabit local areas, so their arrival in our County, while concerning, is manageable. It will, however, impact our way of life. So, the King County Animal Control has put together this quick guide for how to respond to wild Coyotes.

First of all, remember that Coyotes, while dangerous, are fundamentally animals. They are not evil, and they will not often actually wish harm to humans. Coyotes need to be respected, and, in turn, they will respect you. Refrain from:

Coyotes are WILD, UNPREDICTABLE ANIMALS. While they will usually not attack humans that leave them alone, they may still approach you. This is not an opportunity to feed the Coyote. If a Coyote approaches you, you should do the following: Coyotes, like any animal, are a creature of God, and will, inevitably, bow to His will.