when we first met, she was one of the few christians i had talked to that weren't from the local church. i think it's easy to forget myself in this place. my Mother was never christian, and yet, we grew up in king county. people knew this place because of the christian population. it's why people moved here, for the church. my mother always kept out of it. said it wasn't right, that that church was cruel. when i was younger, i had to sneak off to attend sunday services, and i was usually caught. but i remember the one time i made it. i was a little girl then, and the Preacher found me, dirty from the woods i had to skip through. and he told me i had dedication, and that that was good. that i was good. that God was lucky to have kids so dedicated to Him.

mary told me that her biggest complaint was that she didnt have a church. there were a few christians in her town, but they stuck together. when she told me about that sort of dedication, i snuck out for the first time. it was sad a better christian than me didn't get a church when i did. and, i think, i wanted that community, too.

when i told that Preacher i was a boy, he screamed at me. that was years later. i had to sneak in, just like always. he said he was disappointed that the Devil could worm its way into someone who showed so much promise.

mary says her new church holds parties.