mary's place!

hello, everyone!

it's been a while since i updated this blog, huh? sorry about that! i've been so busy with life and college and everything, i just didn't really have the time for the internet. i know, how sad. mary herself not having time for the internet? but it's true!

that's not to say i haven't missed all of you. i have! but i've just been having so much fun in college! so i'm gonna talk about it. first off, look at this girl:

that absolute SMOKESHOW is my new girlfriend! that's right. i... actually managed to get a girlfriend! i didn't think it'd happen, or it'd be someone this cool. gah! just thinking about her makes me embarrassed! i have literally no idea why she likes me, but i'm so glad she does.

it's nice that she's christian, too. i kind of had this idea that i'd either date a christian boy or a non-christian girl. not that i'd have any real problem with that! but... it's nice to share a faith with someone so close to me. plus, she likes horror movies even more than i do. she's seen a few even i haven't! what's with that!

i know. you're very impressed.

good news part two, though: in addition to this girl sent straight from heaven, ive also made a bunch of friends! here's a pic they took of me getting a LITTLE crazy.

these guys keep me on my toes, but i wouldn't trade them for the world. jackie, erin, eddie... i love you three. i'm glad to have finally found some people in the real world who get how fun it is to be weird. and... i guess that brings me to my final announcement.

drumroll, please. but like... a sad drumroll.

i'm leaving this blog! yaaaay.

i know. you're probably upset at this news, and, to be fair, i was initially upset with the thought, too. but... for a long time, this website has been a way for me to connect with like-minded weirdos and christians. and i needed that for a really long time. but at this point? i found my weirdos. i even found a welcoming, christian community. but they're out there. so... sorry to all my friends on here. you really have been important to me, and i'll probably think about you for the rest of my life, honest.

i'll still be online for the rest of the week, on and off. so you have a chance to say goodbye. i'm gonna ask you be respectful about my decision, please. this took a lot of thinking, but i really think i'll be happier like this!