About me!

My name, as you saw, is Michael. I am a Christian, who first started using the inter net as a child as a method of escaping my rather boring life. LOL! I am currently nine teen years old, but I first made this website at the age of seven teen.

I have a great love of Faith and Connection with others, but found that my real world community was not very accepting of me. So I found a different home, on the world wide web!

I would also like to take this time to thank Mary for introducing me to neo cities. I wouldn't be on here without her, and she is a very dear friend of mine.

Aside from my Faith, my interests include video games, cat videos (as well as cats in general!), old art programs such as MSPaint or Kidpikz, and animated movies. I also enjoy collecting quotes from all sorts of media, and sometimes try to include those in my day-to-day speech. I've found it makes communicating easier!

Other than that, there is not much more to me! I'm mostly just made up of my Faith and my interests. I love to talk about both of these things, though. Oh, and I am also "trans gender". But that doesn't come up much.

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