mary's place!

hello, everyone!

well, i didn't really wanna talk about this yet, but unfortunately some people have forced my hand. i was recently... targeted, i guess? that feels so crazy to say... by an old friend who thought i had fallen down the wrong path.

i guess it was because this website is a little bit popular? anyways, they didn't have anything that private. just something i've been meaning to talk about anyways. so... drumroll please...

i'm trans! i've been trans the whole time. what a twist, i know!

honestly, it kind of saddens me that i have to tell you all like this, but whatever. if it gets this little loser off my back, i'm happy. i guess i also wanted to use this as an opportunity to kind of talk about being trans and a christian and all that. well... my stance is, it's pretty cool, actually.

a lot of christians seem to have this idea that Christ would go against being trans, but i think i fundamentally oppose that. i think Christ would celebrate transness. there's some quote about... grapes and wine and creation. i don't have it on hand. it's good, though. you should look it up. i think that's how i feel.

some people in the community have been really mean to me. i try not to let it get to me, but... i don't know. this did. so i just want to make it clear to everyone that, if you're trans, or even just weird in a way people don't like, it's fine, ok? 'cause i am too. and i'm cool as heck.

EDIT: thanks for all the support! i didn't expect that response, but it's cool to see. glad to know i'm not the only person who thinks that threatening to out someone is a total bitch move. he wound up deleting the account he used to threaten me, so we won! hooray!