Thank you.

what? why?

I don't really know. I just feel like you deserve to be thanked. I guess it's for getting me out of the house?

do you not... normally... leave the house?


sorry. that was rude. i just meant-

You were worried about me. I know.

yeah. and i hoped you would've...

got better at doing that. by now.

I would too. But my Mother is sick. Therefore, it doesn't really matter if I get out of the house a lot.

is it fucked up to say that i wouldn't do that to my kid?

Do what?

make them take care of me. keep them locked in the house. i'd... i don't know, hire someone to do it. find someone willing to help.

Her parents have offered, but She says She can't stand them. It's ultimately my responsibility. No point blaming her.

you've been doing this since you were sixteen, mike.


so... so, like, fuck that! that sucks ass! you HAVE to know that sucks ass!

I've been through worse.

...i wish you didn't have to do this.

It's really fine. I mean, ever since-

michael. do you want to come with me when i leave?

Do I what?

i bought another ticket. we could-

You spent money on this idea?

yes! yes. because i knew you'd need a way out. look, you can just... come with me. it wouldn't be perfect, but you wouldn't be with your mom anymore, and... i want you to say yes, okay? i want you to come with me.

...You know I can't do that.

but do you want to?

That's a really complicated question, Mary.

it's a yes or no!

I don't think you really think it is. I think you wish it was, but it's not. You're smart enough to know that.'d be happier if you said yes.

I know.

do you think... do you think one day, you'll want to leave?

Maybe. Yes. But not now.

then promise. i'll give you my number, and one day, when you're ready, you'll come with me. just for long enough to get you out of here and settled somewhere else, okay? i mean... you don't have to promise, but think about it. please?