murdermary: mike
murdermary: michael
murdermary: michaeeellll
catsweaters: Yes
catsweaters: Hi
murdermary: hi :3
catsweaters: :3
catsweaters: What's up?
murdermary: i just wanted to talk i guess
murdermary: things are getting to be kind of
murdermary: a lot
murdermary: with the site
catsweaters: Is the guy back
murdermary: NO
murdermary: thank god
murdermary: i think you scared him off when you literally doxxed him in his dms. how did you manage that btw
catsweaters: It wasn't that hard. I looked up a tutorial
catsweaters: When grown men are weird towards my friends its only natural I scare them into being normal
catsweaters: It was my duty as your friend
murdermary: youre like scary
murdermary: its awesome to be clear
catsweaters: Like a Coyote
murdermary: NONE OF THAT!
murdermary: spritzing you with a spray bottle
catsweaters: Sorry
catsweaters: Nothing like a Coyote
murdermary: there you go :)
murdermary: ANYWAYS
murdermary: i need you to tell me i'm a real person
catsweaters: What
murdermary: look it's a little embarrassing and i don't want to super go into detail but i'm having
murdermary: a moment
catsweaters: You're a real person
catsweaters: Notably
catsweaters: Wait
catsweaters: Is this the thing where you think you only exist on the internet again
murdermary: michael my beloved i am not going to discuss this right now
catsweaters: Got it
catsweaters: I love you, Mary.
murdermary: i love you too
murdermary: thank you for being my friend