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You're not supposed to be here! Why don't you head home?

I think there's something wrong with me.

I keep looking at photos of that old house. I can see the way the wood creaks, and the way the trash piles up. I can see that Rabbit in Her old chair, and I can hear Her mocking me for begging God to save me.

But He wouldn't let it be real. Through belief, our pasts can be erased. In Heaven, we will all be equal under the Lord, for he tells us so; "In my Kingdom, your selves shall be naught. The poor shall be as rich as kings, and the kings shall be as unknown as the stillborns. Salvation comes through acceptance of nothingness, for it is only through nothingness that you can truly serve your King." Michael, 12:24.

Please, God. Let the coyote be as the Rabbit.