mary's place!

hello, freaks!

i am the titular mary, of mary's place! and if you're on here, that means you've stumbled across my personal site. that's so cool! we should hang out some time!

i'm a young christian girl just trying to make it in the world. i've grown up in an environment that's largely atheistic, which is actually kind of cool! it means i get to talk with a bunch of people who have a completely different set of beliefs than me! it makes life more interesting, i think. but it can get a little lonely, you know? so i went online.

i first found out about the indie web from my big sister, who has requested to be left unnamed in this blog (lame...) but it clicked with me a lot faster than twitter or tumblr ever did. so i told my couple friends from tumblr (hi michael! i think he's the only one who really stayed here LOL) and found a new little community on here. i like it a lot more. it feels more real!

so, aside from being christian, i've got a lot of other stuff going on in my life. for one, i really, REALLY like horror movies. i know most of them are kind of shlocky, but there's something about them i've always loved. i know saying that "earth destroyers 5: the darkness" is actually good is literally a joke to most people, but it's actually my favorite in the series. in my defense, it has some really interesting things to say about selfhood. people NEVER talk about how judah and minnie are parallels, and it PISSES ME OFF! ugh. i told myself i wouldn't get mad on here.


i spend a lot of time with my family! i don't actually have a lot of real-world friends outside of my family, but i'm kind of fine with that? they're my people! my mom can be a little crazy sometimes (don't tell her i said that, if you're one of my siblings!) but she's my mom, you know? she's allowed to be crazy. i love her a lot.

blah. i started rambling again. ^^;

anyways, i also really like indie games! my favorite is probably... is it fair to say delratune when it's not even out yet? probably. yeah. yeah, it's fair. i mean... come ON. i like a bunch of them, though, not just the popular ones! if you ever have a game you want me to check out, send it to me! i also write about the games i play pretty regularly, so if you wanna know my opinion on any game it's probably over in the games tab.

ok. i think that's all i have to say. now that i've got that out of the way, a quick dni:

-no weirdo christians! if you don't like gay people get the fuck out of here! fellow christians who know how to be normal are encouraged :3
-if you call shit cringe i want you DEAD! leave!
-be normal about me please =_= i'm not a celebrity i'm just some girl!

alright. that's all i want to say. thank you again for visiting my website! wahoo!