My favorite cat!!

My special little guy!

You found my Secret page! I must admit I haven't actually made any others, but I had seen some secret pages on some other web sites and found them oh so charming, so I made my own! This is dedicated to Baby, my favorite cat. He looks something like this:

Obviously, that's not actually Baby. But Baby doesn't have any images of him on line, so I had to settle for a GIF! I would have taken an image of him, but God doesn't like cell phones. They can pollute your thoughts. God also doesn't want us calling the cops. While I do unfortunately have a cell phone, I swear off using it.

Baby is not technically my cat, but everyone in town knows he is mine. Baby is a stray. Nobody knows where he came from, but it is probably not from King County. What a mystery! I like to think God send him to me as a reward for my good behavior, since I wanted a cat for a while but my Mother refused to allow me to get one. Baby is my favorite thing in the whole world, except, of course, for my Faith.

I know Baby can't read this (or, at least, I don't think he can! A cat using the computer would be quite silly though!), but I'd like to write a little note to him anyways. Baby, you have made living in this town much more fun. You have brought me companionship on my darkest nights, and reminded me of the beauty of the world. You are also somehwat responsible for me finding God, as knowing you gave me more motivation to do research into Faith. I love you, Baby, and I hope I get to know you for the rest of my life! :D