well, i noticed some people have found this website before its completion. thats pretty cool! i want to talk about what it is you're actually looking at, though.

this is a web art project created by me, cass. my tumblr is hauntedhouseenjoyer, if you wanna send feedback or something. its a weird little narrative site about a character i came up with in a day, and its a project i have a lot of love for. its currently rough around the edges, and not entirely thematically together. which is ok! its a work in progress. but you should keep that in mind as you poke around: i have more to say than whats on here. so i guess thats what i want to talk about, before you go crazy.

ive loved web art for a while, and the idea for this site, thematically, has probably existed for... shit, like, three years? but the idea for the specifics of it came recently with a conversation with my dear friend gerry (who went on to make the drawing of baby! i cant draw for shit.) while i was at work. i was like, hey, i should make a weird website again (i used to make these on carrd.co, if you remember that site, for fun all the time.) originally it was going to be something of a prank. i was going to send the site to my friends, without telling them i made it, just to see them gradually realize, oh hey, this website knows about a bunch of inside jokes and shit. weird!

it spiraled from there. before i knew it i had a whole narrative, a whole character, and about a million different ideas for pages. i should note that, before this website, i had never really touched CSS or HTML. this is all new to me. i think ive done a pretty good job with my limited knowledge, though. ive, at the very least, created something i feel proud of, and its not even close to done. anyways, i digress.

this is a story about religious psychosis, and i think thats... a difficult topic to talk about, and i dont think all the nuance is there yet. so i want to make something clear before you go on: i am not anti-religion. im not even anti-christian. id go as far as to say i dont even think christianity is harmful most of the time. this is an exploration of the exceptions, and the way that christian communities can sometimes devour the vulnerable people within them. its also an exploration of myself. if some things seem off, remember that, like... this isn't done. and i think theres some context youre just not gonna get until this thing is done.

despite that, i hope you can get something out of this website, even though it is kind of designed for my friends to see. i think michael is an interesting guy, and i think this site is fun to poke around even if you dont end up caring about him all that much. take care of yourself, have fun, and if you like it, tell me, yknow?

not that consumption is the point. i mean, i didnt expect anyone to see this. i didnt really realize how much neocities makes your websites visible. which is cool, and im cool with it. but since its being consumed by strangers, despite it not being intended for that yet, its changed the way i view it a little bit. and i guess i hope this can make it at least a little more accessible. also, sorry for the lack of trigger warnings. ill add em towards the end.


alright. thats all. you can go on in.