catsweaters: Mary?
murdermary: holy shit hi
murdermary: you didn't reply for like... three hours
murdermary: i really thought this was a lost cause
catsweaters: I'm sorry.
murdermary: no it's okay
catsweaters: I'm glad to hear from you again. Just a little confused as to why
catsweaters: I thought you left for good
murdermary: i did. and im not. coming back to the internet
murdermary: but i didn't want to leave you
murdermary: i just literally couldn't stand to be a known internet girl anymore. and i didn't know how to tell you
murdermary: so i just didn't
murdermary: sorry
catsweaters: It's ok
catsweaters: I wasn't exactly shocked
murdermary: but i want to try and make it better
murdermary: im coming to wisconsin
catsweaters: You're what
murdermary: and i want to visit king county. i want to see you
murdermary: and we can. yknow. talk about stuff
catsweaters: I
catsweaters: Ok
catsweaters: Sure
murdermary: sure?
murdermary: look if you don't want to you don't have to
catsweaters: No
catsweaters: I really want to
catsweaters: It's just a lot to take in
murdermary: i know.
catsweaters: I really missed you, Mary.
murdermary: i know.